Efficiency Matters

Small Changes. Big Difference

We have done pro-bono work for Habitat for Humanity off and on over the course of time. For many years we had lobbied the local organization to put some inexpensive methods into place in the design and building of these simple homes that would allow them to save energy and keep costs low for the new owners. We were finally able to implement some of our ideas into a few homes built back in 2008. A few years later, we got a call from the owner because they couldn’t get the home heated over 68 degrees. Upon investigation, we found out that their furnace had stopped working 3 weeks prior. Despite it being in the middle of winter in the mountains where temperatures dip into the teens, the home still remained a comfortable temperature. It just goes to show you what a big difference small changes to design and building materials can make; both for the comfort of the families and the extra money they could spend elsewhere.