Practice Focus

The World around us

Our aim is to use our design skills to improve the world around us. Our practice focus is a testament: the lion’s share of our work involves multi-family housing essential to functional cities, shared spaces to build community, infill & re-purposed buildings to revitalize downtowns, mixed-use to diversify commerce and living, and personal enclaves that evoke individual satisfaction. Much of our work has centered around aiding non-profits achieve their goals, our way of supporting those who support others.

We also purposefully seek out clients whose role is to enhance communities through their work. Our best reward is when our clients see the results of purposeful design on their bottom line.



Celebrating Life Events and Everyday Moments

A venue can set the tone, evoke a mood, and help create memorable moments from major life events. Much of our work has been focused on creating spaces that compliment and elevate the importance of gathering people together. Major life moments such as a wedding, family or corporate event, or gathering of friends deserve an environment that inspires and compliments the celebration. We design these venues with the idea that they are catalysts for indelible memories of life’s signature moments.

Great design isn’t just reserved exclusively for big events though. A night out at our favorite restaurant or brewery presents opportunities to celebrate life’s smaller moments. The experience of dining out includes caliber of the food and service, but the comfort and vibe of the venue underlies and compliments every aspect. Design considerations include attention to the smallest details of the experience of the diners as well as functionality for kitchen and waitstaff.

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Housing for Vibrant Communities

Beautiful living spaces shouldn’t be reserved for those in higher tax brackets. Our belief is that having a wide range of housing options is vital for the health of a community. As property values increase, more cities and towns face the problem of not being able house essential workers. As the problem worsens, the community as a whole suffers the consequences of lack of diversity, a transient and unstable workforce, and richness of participation and perspective from residents.

We are passionate about partnering with entities that help fill those gaps. We’ve worked with public entities and private developers to provide affordable housing at all income levels. Our biggest reward is to see those who have been priced out of the market find a place that exceeds their expectations of living space at a price they can afford. We are committed to creating functional and inspirational homes no matter how big or small the budget.

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Buildings that Encourage Participation

Great design isn’t about making your building look like a shiny box or a crumpled piece of paper. We believe great design is based on creating spaces which function well, are suited to their purpose, fit within their environment, break down barriers between exterior and interior and encourage people to interact with each other.

We have been lucky to design numerous buildings that have a bigger impact on communities; buildings where people gather, spaces that are inclusionary, places where you don’t need to be in a certain tax bracket to use. These include sacred spaces such as churches and chapels, community hubs like visitor’s centers, and mixed use buildings in which the multi-purpose nature improves walkability and usability.

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Thoughtful Design is Good for Your Health

Special consideration needs to go into the design health care spaces. Beyond a focus on technology and functionality needed, the special needs of the people using the building are a core driver of design. We look at creating welcoming places to come together and be alone, how the physical or emotional challenges can be lessened through the design.

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The Story of You

Your space is uniquely yours. What makes great home design is a space that tells the story of you. What you love, how you live and what is important to you are expressed through the space which you inhabit. We understand that your home is not only a very personal statement; it enhances your life, and can enrich the way you live.

We approach the design of each home in a way that tells the story of you, the story of the land, and with reverence to the environment. The result is a home that is your personal respite from the world, supremely functional for how you live, and above all else, uniquely yours.

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Additional Design Services

We spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients and their needs. Often times clients need us to translate their ideas beyond their walls. For these clients we offer additional design services such as brand creation, logo design, website design and development, and other marketing collateral. Our architectural team works closely with our graphics team to create a seamless design experience from actual spaces to the print and digital mediums to help our clients reach their audiences.

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