The Story of You

It's Your Space

Many clients come to us with ideas of this feature or what kind of counter top they want in their custom home. The first thing we ask is “how do you live in your space?” Maybe you are a morning person, a master chef, a socialite who loves to entertain, a musician, an artist, or a combination of these things. How you live effects how you use your space, how things are arranged, and where you house sits on the lot (to take advantage of natural light for your studio, or morning sun for your coffee at your breakfast nook for example). Your preferences and background may also dictate some of the materials we incorporate into the design. For example, one recent client had modern leanings, but was deeply rooted in western culture. We used snow fence from Wyoming (the client’s native state) as material for an accent wall. This not only gave the homeowner a beautiful and contemporary space, but a piece of personal history. Another client was a collector of Asian art. We designed several nooks and alcoves throughout the house so they could showcase the pieces they had collected over the years. Turning a corner in the house gave both owners and guests a view of a one of a kind piece of art.